1. This.

  2. Watching @nervewreckeruk Nervewreckin The King Eddie! #livemusic #photography

  3. The sky looked pretty ridiculous on the way joke tonight #sky #sunset #norfolk


  4. 52 Project: Darwin and the Dinosaur

    Week 2: I get together with good friends Darwin and the Dinosaur for a chilly shoot outdoors.

    The guys in Darwin and the Dinosaur are going on their European Tour in April and needed some new press shots doing. These guys are the best to work with so of course I said I’d take some for them. We decided to keep the shoot local so headed down to the grounds of the University of East Anglia where I’d scouted a couple of good locations. 

    This was the first of three locations we tried and they ended up being my favorite shots of the day. We had this idea where the whole band would run down the hill and we’d get some bizarre Chariots of Fire type shot but we couldn’t get the lighting to work, however Alan did this AMAZING jump so we switched the idea round so the rest of the band would be standing still and we’d pop the flash once Alan got in line with the rest of the band. I made poor Alan go back up and down the hill doing jump after jump after jump until we got the shot right which, in fairness, kept him warm…

    I’m really pleased with how the shots came out and can’t wait for the next shoot! Make sure to check the guys out on facebook and make sure to follow me on twitter for more updates!



    Camera Settings

    Aperture: f/3.5

    Shutter Speed: 1/250

    ISO: 250

    Flash: Canon 430EX ii on about 1/2 power in 50” Westcott Apollo


  5. I’ve finally got round to putting together the latest tour diary from last summer with Darwin and the Dinosaur. Back in the flow of it now so the last two should be popping up soon. Check this one out, it’s well worth watching to the end and go give the guys a look on facebook.

  6. Went location scouting today.


  7. 52 Project: Sunny Stuart Winter

    Week 1: I wanted to ease in gently this week so I got together with my good friend Sunny to do some shots for his blog.

    Sunny is a good friend of mine who I met whilst on tour with Darwin and the Dinosaur and as well as being a boss driver and merch seller man he also runs a pretty rad music blog over at http://www.sunnystuartwinter.com and you should really check it out. Sunny is studying music management and artist development at Bucks New Uni and has been heavily involved in music promotion as well as national and international tours. 

    We had a cup of tea and a catch up, having not seen each other for a good while and discussed some ideas for shoot locations. We had all these plans, but to be honest the weather was dire and we were feeling lazy. Luckily I had a few Christmas light up and my dining room seemed a good enough location. We also did a fair few shots outside in my garden but I forgot to take a setup shot photo so I’ll post those another time.

    Working with someone I was familiar with in a location we were both comfortable in was a great start to this project and a great chance to try out my new triggers and softbox. 

    Make sure to follow me on here and on twitter for more!





    Camera Settings

    Aperture: f/2.0

    Shutter Speed: 1/60

    ISO: 400

    Flash: Canon 430EX ii on about 1/16 power in 50” Westcott Apollo

    Setup Shot



  8. 52 Project: It begins

    Following in the footsteps of some of my photography heroes, and as a way of inducing some level of proactivity from my oft lazy bum, I’m hereby starting my first 52 project.

    This will consist of at least one shoot per week that I will plan, carry out, post and reflect on as a way of constantly improving my portrait work. Every now and then it may be something other than lit portraits by I want to seriously up my game and confidence when using flash in a portrait setting. This will be the first week of the project, with my first write up coming a week today.

    If you’re a band, musician, artist, model, poet, writer, couple, builder, privateer or any sort of person really and would like to be involved please get in contact with me! (Note, ease of travel from Norwich will increase the likelihood of making it happen!)

    I had a bit of practise with some of my new gear shortly after christmas and these are just a few shots of my family but the first of the project pieces will start to emerge a week today. Exciting!




  9. Blitz Kids playing The Waterfront in Norwich. 


  10. Mallory Knox at The Waterfront, Norwich

    Thought I’d share a few shots of Mallory Knox from their show at The Waterfront in Norwich. I’m pretty sure I’ve photographed almost every Mallory Knox show in Norwich since about 2010 and it was really nice to see they boys in their biggest headline tour to date. The lighting still wasn’t a patch on what I had when I photographed them on the Don Broco tour but that’s The Waterfront for you. Enjoy the shots!